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Helix Ultra Professional AF 5W-20
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What are the benefits of Shell 5W-20?

Today’s vehicles are undergoing a radical change. They are becoming more fuel efficient, lighter and environmentally friendly. So, the lubrication needs to change accordingly, and that’s where Shell 5W-20 shines. Shell uses its patented PurePlus technology which is a totally new method of producing synthetic base oils using natural gas. The new oils developed as a result help keep engines clean while actively cleaning otherwise dirty engines. So, vehicle owners experience smoother accelerations, better cold starts, and much lower engine wear.

The best Shell engine oil features

Shell Helix Ultra or the Shell 5W-20 is considered the gold standard when it comes to engine oils. Tests have proven that in fact the Helix Ultra does reduce sludge and wear significantly over other oils. Plus, it leaves engine pistons more than 65% cleaner than what is the leading industry standard. Additionally, motorists in the UK will also benefit from better fuel economy and a reduction in emissions. All of which make it a motor oil worth considering for any vehicle owner.

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