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Who should use the Shell Helix-HX7?


One of the most commonly asked questions about the HX7 is how is it different from Shell’s other motor oil. The fact is that there are many differences which may not be evident from the color of the motor oil itself. The first and perhaps most significant difference is that the Shell Helix-HX7 contains many anti-wear agents which protect the engine and promotes engine life. This is especially important for engines that are driven several hundred kilometers on average each day like vehicles used commercially. Plus, the HX7 is one of the few motor oils that contains sealing agents which reduces oil leakage and which in turn reduces the amount of oil the vehicle consumes. The lubricant also uses additives which activate faster oil flow making instant startups in cold weather possible.


Which engines best benefit from HX7?


Now we wouldn’t recommend that owners of new cars use the Shell Helix-HX7 the reason being that even though it will not cause damage, it also won’t be truly utilized. When buying a motor oil, you should ensure that it is fully utilized. The HX7 is best suited for engines of commercially driven vehicles like vans and taxis. It is also ideally suited for old engines which appear to be consuming oil. However, if your engine continues to consume oil despite repeated use of HX7, motor oil, then you have a big mechanical problem with the engine which can only be fixed by a mechanic. That said in most engines the problem should go away and engine performance should improve considerably. That said each lubricant sold by a big name brand like Shell has been extensively tested and proven to be the very best for the engine it is intended to be used in.


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