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Why is Shell Helix-Ultra 5W-30 good for your engine?

Shell is one of the most established names in the automotive lubricant industry. The company manufactures and distributes lubricants for just about every car, truck, van, and motorcycle. Their extended series of synthetic motor oil has been formulated after years of extensive research. Plus, they continue to update the formulation as each new breakthroughs are introduced. That said the Shell Helix-Ultra 5W-30 is a top tier motor oil meant for passenger cars. Its low viscosity reduces friction and that in turn improves fuel economy. It is also ideally suited for biodiesel, gasoline, and ethanol driven vehicles. Plus, the lubricant benefits from the company’s trademarked PurePlus Technology which keeps the engine clean hence ensuring optimal performance across the board whether you have a daily driver or a weekend driven car.

How to choose the right motor oil for your car?

Choosing a motor oil for any vehicle can be a bit confusing. There are literally dozens of brands, and each brand obviously manufactures the same 5W-30 specification as well as many others. However, the 5W-30 is, in fact, the viscosity and says nothing of how pure, clean and effective the engine oil really is. Plus it does not tell you about the additives and the properties of the synthetic motor oil. While a cheap 5W-30 oil will meet your car’s, lubrication needs it will not keep your engine clean, well lubricated or improve cold starts. That’s where buying the Shell Helix-Ultra 5W-30 comes in. When you buy a Shell branded motor oil, you can be sure that it is designed for maximum performance and meets all the API SN/CF requirements.

Quality engine lubrication that you can trust has been selling some of the leading brands of motor oil for many years. We only trust the brands that we’ve personally used and have had a great experience with as professionals. Fortunately, Shell is one of these brands, and the Shell Helix-Ultra 5W-30 is the one we recommend to most vehicle owners. Plus, the Ultra 5W-30 is competitively priced, and we guarantee that these products are genuine. In addition, we run seasonal discounts which are further meant to help our buyers save money. Our customers are also treated to excellent customer service, a very informative checkout system, an ever-growing inventory of products.