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Why experts recommend the new Shell Helix?


Shell Helix is without a doubt one of the leading brands of motor oil in the world. The company sells some of the best synthetic motor oil around the globe and continues to maintain an excellent standard across their Helix line of products. The secret to Shell’s success over the decades is their ability to continuously innovate and improve upon their products with each turn in engine technology. So, by efficiently being able to keep up with engine development trends the company has remained on top. Plus, generations of people continue to trust Shell with their engines. However, Shell’s success has motivated many low-quality oil manufacturers to try and replicate its branding strategy but with detrimental results to engines. It is for this reason that you should avoid using cheap knockoffs or similar products.


Which engines are best suited for the Helix line?


Shell does not explicitly state as to which engines will benefit most from Helix. However, the Shell Helix is available for all types of engines both old and new. Research has shown, and experts have confirmed over the years that smaller engines have the most to gain from the Helix line of engine oil. The reason being that it allows for rapid lubricant delivery, coupled with anti-freeze quality. Plus, smaller engines will experience quicker cold starts. All of this makes the Helix an excellent choice for small engines. Though that does not mean that it cannot be used in larger engines. All you need to be careful of is to use the right viscosity as recommended by the car manufacturer. Also, refrain from adding more additives to the motor oil.


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