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About Shell Oil Manufacturer

Shell oil and lubricants are manufactured by the Shell Oil company which is a subsidiary of multinational company Royal Dutch Shell. Shell Oil Company is based in Houston, United states. Shell manufactures a full range of motor oils for different type of vehicles. Shell has their company located in different parts of the world. Shell oil company is America’s largest producer of oil and natural gas. Apart from motor oils, Shell offers fuels, car services, etc. The subsidiaries of Royal Dutch Shell include a Jiffy lube, Pennzoil, Quaker state etc.

Why Use Shell Motor Oils?

The internal combustion engines used in automobiles need proper lubrication using car engine oil to reduce the friction waste created from metals moving against one another. Heat is also created by the friction between the metal parts. This affects the performance of the automobile engines. The power output will get reduced and fuel consumption may increase. To reduce the heat and to improve the efficiency of the engine right type of motor oils and other lubricants are necessary. With the right type of engine oil, there is no need to worry about engine failure.

Shell Oils And Lubricants Available Online

Shell Helix Ultra Professional AM-L 5W-30-fully synthetic motor oil for high-performance engines, ShellHelix HX7 Professional AV 5W-30- is designed for specific manufacturers such as Audi Volkswagen, Helix HX7 C 5W-40, Shell Helix HX7 C 5W-4-suitable for petrol engines with fuel injection and for turbo and diesel engines without particulate filter, ShellSpiraxS2 A 80W-90- high quality axle oil for heavy duty conditions, Shell Rimula R 4X15W-40- heavy duty diesel engine oil. You will be able to many other motor oil and lubricant products which offer dynamic protection to engines and spares from Shell from the online sites. How To Buy Shell Oil? It is easy to purchase original Shell oil for your vehicle. Make sure what type of Shell oil your vehicle need by going through the manual of your vehicle. You can find this oil easily from reliable online dealers such as You can visit the online site and search for the Shell oil needed. You can go through the description provided to ensure that you are buying the right one. Go through the shipping and delivery information before you make the purchase.