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Quartz INEO First 0W-30
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What is Total 0W-30 selling point?

The Total 0W-30 is dubbed as the latest Eco-Performance lubricant for mainly PSA engines. Called the Quartz Ineo first, it is known for 4.2% of fuel savings yet providing engines the best possible protection against the buildup of soot and wear. Compared to regular 5W40 engine oil the new formulation ensures that drivers save a great deal of fuel, but that’s not all the ACEA A3/B4 standard ensures that car owners save up to 1000 kilometers worth of petrol per oil change which if you do the math works out to more than what the oil costs. So, it is by all means its greatest selling point.

Which cars should use a 0W-30 engine oil?

It goes without saying that the 0W-30 oil is not an all season and all engine oil. It is mainly meant for smaller more economical engines. However, it really depends on the car’s manufacturer and what they recommend for it. Ideally, before buying Total 0W-30 or any other 0W-30 oil, we’d suggest that you refer to the car’s user manual to ensure that its listed as one of the oils that can be used. If not then this is not the oil that should be used.

Take advantage of genuine branded engine oil has been selling genuine lubricants for a very long time. We know just how important genuine lubricants can be which is why you can be assured that whether you buy the Total 0W-30 or any other brand of oil, it will come backed by a warranty. Thanks to free delivery you also save money when buying lubricants from