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Quartz Diesel 7000 10W-40
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Which cars can benefit from Total 10W-40?

The Quartz 7000 Total 10W-40 as it is called is a 100% synthetic engine oil using a new and improved formula. It benefits from the use of reinforced base oils which when coupled with a few high-performance additives enhances it overall qualities. The oil can be used in both petrol and diesel engine vehicles which include light industrial and passenger cars. The oil can also be used in turbocharged as well as multi-valved engines making it one of the most versatile, multi-purpose engine oils available in the UK.

Features of The Quartz 7000

Total 10W-40 benefits from the use of advanced visocometrics to ensure minimum viscous drag and yet maximum power. Users will also experience quicker start-up, the prevention of sludge buildup and overall controlled oxidation. It can also perform under severe driving conditions without deterioration in overall engine protection. Plus, since all oils sold in the UK need to be compatible with emission control devices and all grades of gasoline the Quartz 7000 ticks these boxes too. Above oil, vehicle owners can be assured of the fact that the engine oil provides the best protection for old engines as well as new ones.

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