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What’s special about Total 15W-40?

Total is one of the leading names in the gasoline and lubrication industry with offices across Asia, Europe, and the UK. Total’s lubricants are exported and used in a variety of vehicles ranging from passenger cars to limousines and trucks. The Total 15W-40 has been specially designed for heavy-duty engines with EURO 5 and previous ratings. However, it is not meant for EURO 4, DAF and 5 MAN engines. That said it would be a good idea to check with your vehicle’s user manual before using a 15W-40 oil in general.

What are the features of Total oil?

The Total 15W-40 boasts of excellent anti-oxidation features which ensure a clean piston. The company’s special detergent system cleans the pistons and even the grooves to ensure that it is dirt free. Plus, a dirt free engine, as a result, means improved performance. In addition, the company’s technology limits oil thickening as it ages which is usually caused by the build up of soot. The high dispersant levels and detergency help keep the oil clean for the longest time. Plus, it ensures protection against an engine performance limiting problem called ‘bore polishing.’

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