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The Total 5W-30 formulation

When it comes to engine lubrication, you need to opt for a lubricant which offers the best engine protection possible. That protection often comes from a thin layer that forms across the engine walls and pistons. The better this layer is, the more protection it offers from wear and tear. Total 5W-30 offers enhanced protection which not only protects the engine but also improves performance. The new Quartz formulation helps to strengthen the molecular bounding hence forming a much stronger protective layer compared to the competition.

When should a 5W-30 oil be used?

The Total 5W-30 is usually regarded as a summer oil for medium and small engines. However, since every engine manufacturer uses a slightly different metal alloy its always best to refer to the car’s user manual. Most car manufacturers will list all the summer and winter oils compatible with your vehicle. So, that will make choosing the right one easy. That said Total manufactures and sells many grades of engine oil making buying the right one easy.

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