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How does the Total QUARTZ-INEO stand out?


The Total QUARTZ-INEO is part of the brand’s new line of formulations. The new synthetic oil is meant for vehicles of all types and sizes. It has been approved by manufacturers like Volkswagen as well as others like Toyota and Honda. In addition to providing engine cleaning technology, it also offers a longer life which means that cars can run for longer without an oil change. The low SAPS2 formula means that it is primarily beneficial to engines that have a post-treatment system installed. Plus, it can be used in both diesel and petrol engines.


Longer oil change intervals


One of the ways vehicle owners save money is by prolonging their oil change. Regular oil changes are scheduled at 15000 kilometers for most cars. However, the Total QUARTZ-INEO prolongs the oil change to 30,000 kilometers. So, vehicle owners save a great deal of money on their next change. That said unlike other oils that also offer a longer oil life the material within the oil, i.e., the additives don’t degrade over time. So, it still continues to protect your engine against wear.


Genuine Total oils under one roof


At we have partnered with some of the leading brands of lubricants in the UK. Total is one of the most reputed brands in Europe. We are one of the few that sell the Total QUARTZ-INEO online coupled with a warranty. Those buying can be assured of competitive pricing, not to mention free delivery to their doorsteps each time they buy for over 100,00 GBP from