Delvac MX Extra 10W-40

Delvac MX Extra 10W-40

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Delvac MX Extra 10W-40

Mobil Delvac MX Extra 10W-40 is a semi-synthetic high-performance diesel motor oil which guarantees excellent lubrication for current diesel and petrol fuel engines operated under heavy loads, keeping the engine clean and healthy. To ensure this, the oil meets or exceeds the specifications of most European and American diesel car manufacturers. Mobil Delvac MX Extra 10W-40 is made from a cutting edge mixture of mineral oils and additives that prevents the formation of soot at high temperatures and resists oxidation and corrosion. The multi-grade properties ensure good performance when starting up the engine at very low temperatures.

Properties and Advantages

The development of high performance diesel motor oils with low emissions has increased the demand for motor oil significantly increased the demand for motor oil. Modern motors with with a narrower design lower oil consumption, which results in the used additives not being refreshed as often. The upper piston ring is at the upper end of the piston and brings the oil layer closer to the combustion chamber, where the higher temperatures raise the thermal stress the lubricant undergoes. The higher fuel injection pressure and the delayed timing lower the exhaust emissions while raising the core engine temperature and the soot content of the oil. Mobil Delvac MX Extra 10W-40 is developed from high-performance base oils and an extraordinarily balanced additive system to guarantee perfect performance in modern diesel and petrol fuel engines as well as older models. Some of the most important advantages are:
  •     Advanced piston and motor "keep clean" performance
  •     Lower service costs and extended service life
  •     Less wear
  •     The engine and its parts last longer
  •     Resistance to temperature and oxidation
  •     Sludge doesn't form as readily, less residues and the oil itself lasts longer
  •     Improved protection against corrosion
  •     Lower wear on the rolling bearings and extended service intervals
  •     Improved pumpability at low temperatures
  •     Quick start ups with low wear in cold climates
  •     Lower soot formation allows a more controlled viscosity and filter pressure
  •     Improved engine protection extends the service life of the engine and of the oil
  •     With normally aspirated engines and turbo charged diesel engines of European, American or US make
  •     Light and heavy commercial vehicles, including mixed fleets with petrol fuel engines and family-size cars
  •     Commercial vehicles used in: construction, excavation, mining and agriculture
Specifications and Approvals:
  •     ACEA E7/E5/E3/B4/B3/A2
  •     API CI-4/CH-4/CG-4/CF-4/CF/SL/SJ
  •     Daimler Chrysler MB 228.3/229.1
  •     Cummins CES 20078/7/6/2/1
  •     Mack EO-M Plus
  •     Volvo VDS-2/VDS-3
  •     MAN M3275
  •     Renault RLD
  •     MTU Type 1 (Open crankcase only - 500 hr ODI)
  •     Detroit Diesel 7SE 270 (4 stroke cycle)

Gebrauchsnummern 144717
Field of operation Car
Heavy commercial vehicles
Light commercial vehicles
Release ACEA A2
Cummins CES 20078/7/6/2/1
Detroit Diesel 7SE 270 (4 stroke cycle)
MAN M3275
MB 228.3
MB 229.1
MTU Type 1
Mack EO-M Plus
Renault RLD
Volvo VDS-2
Volvo VDS-3
Viscosity 10W-40
Characteristics Semi-synthetic
EAN/GTINs 5055107466131


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