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FE 5W-30 Nutzfahrzeug Motoröl
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Who should use Urania 5W-30 motor oil?


The Urania 5W-30 is a fully synthetic motor oil that’s meant for engines of Iveco Daily but in particular those which have been given a Euro V certification. They are ideally used in cars fitted with a variable geometry turbine and particulate filter. The key feature of the Urania line of oils is the fact that it has a very low SAPS which means that it's capable of offering excellent protection against the buildup of particle residue. Plus, it also improves fuel economy significantly in passenger cars. The oil has been developed in partnership with IVECO with the objective of building a product which offers the best performance from the latest engines.


Features of the Urania line of motor oil


Urania 5W-30 is the result of hundreds and thousands of hours of laboratory work, road tests and bench testing. It is why the brand can boast of excellent protection thanks to the low SAPS formulation, plus it offers a 40$ longer DPF life, unlike other engine oils. The motor oil has been formulated to provide the most resistance to oxidization which allows for improved performance in cars with a variable geometry turbine and even under severe driving conditions. Finally, the total cleansing formula ensures that all the engine components receive the best lubrication, and the time between oil changes can be prolonged without damage to the engine. Better and quicker starting during winters are yet another reason to choose the Urania brand.


Oil types of motor oil under one roof


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