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Reasons to buy VAICO 0W-30

Perhaps one of the leading reasons to buy the VAICO 0W-30 is perhaps owing to its all weather capabilities. The motor oil is one of the few that can be used in all weathers. That said you’ll also need to refer to the car’s user manual to make sure that that is in fact the case since all engines are different. The other reason to buy a VAICO branded oil is the fact that its 100% synthetic with the added benefit of it being treated with various additives which extend the engine life and performance.

What does prolonged oil change mean?

The VAICO 0W-30 boasts that drivers can prolong their oil change if needed by a few dozen kilometers without fearing engine damage. What that means is if you usually change the oil as per the manufacturer’s recommendation ever 5000 KMs, then you can maybe stretch it to 6000 KMs. The one advantage of doing this from a budget perspective is that it will save you money. The other reason being that if you live far away from the city or if you buy the oil online and it takes time to reach it will not cause you distress.

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