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What is VAICO 5W-20 motor oil?

The VAICO 5W-20 is a light vehicle motor oil meant specifically for mid-sized sedans and hatchbacks in the UK. VAICO claims that the oil has been extensively tested and additives have been added to make it effective against extreme heat and cold. However, the company strongly recommends that the oil is not used in extremely hot conditions and so it's classified more as a winter time oil. That said how it's used will mainly depend on the type of vehicle you drive. But it’s important to note that most drivers will opt for the oil because of its engine cleaning additives and competitive price point.

How long does the engine oil last?

Some engine oils are designed to last slightly longer than usual. This means that you can wait perhaps a few months before it expires. However, whether you are using VAICO 5W-20 or any other motor oil for that reason, it's a bad idea to unnecessarily stretch the life of the oil. Old oil does not provide as much protection to your engine which in turns means that you need to deal with expensive repairs. Also, the worst case scenario can mean that you need to get the engine replaced which will cost you hundreds.

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